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Roos Girls Fall Session


January 5, 2020

It has been a goal of mine to try and photograph my girls more!  You would think that since I am a photographer that they are photographed all the time.  But sadly like gets really busy and photos of my girls that are quickly growing, often gets forgotten.

I’ve done pretty well that almost every fall I get them out and take some portraits of all of them!  We have finally hit a point that they are all active and walking (more like running!) so portrait sessions are a bit easier.  (This session when Eve was a baby was pretty difficult because all she could do was lay there haha!)

We had a Dentist appointment for all four of the girls right before this session and BOY did all of the Dental Hygienists have a field day.  Everyone was making over how cute they were and how adorable their outfits were.  Our Hygienist; Addy, started calling over all the other Hygienists so they could ooo and ahhh over the girls.

I might be a little biased but I definitely think that they were adorable!  And they did so well for their session (especially considering it was about 45 degrees out!).  Enjoy our 2019 Fall Portraits!!

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