I don’t think I could say enough about this past year.  It has been so amazing to serve all of our brides and grooms as well as capturing the engagements of all of our 2020 couples.

Reflecting back on this last year it seems like most of our weddings and sessions were either rainy or overcast!  Is Iowa becoming the new Seattle???  Probably not, ha!  But that sure is what it felt like this past year.

Looking back I remember how much crazy-ness we had!  We photographed a wedding in a couple inches of standing water (due to tremendous amounts of rain).  We had an outdoor ceremony in a heat advisory.  We photographed TWO weddings in December; both of which were twenty degrees and outdoor portraits!!

My goal is that no matter the circumstances; my couples get the BEST wedding portraits possible.  Sometimes it can be hard to bring that bright and airy style to every setting.  But we work our tails off to make that happen because our brides and grooms mean the world to us!

I hope you enjoy this little walk down memory lane!  We can’t wait for 2020 has in store!

This one HAD to hit the highlight reel!  Becca & Jared performed the Dirty Dancing routine for their first dance.  All day Becca was telling me how nervous they were for this lift and they NAILED it!!!
One of my favorite engagement sessions this year!!  Hailey and Jake traveled in from Iowa City only to get stuck in a freak summer rain storm at the beginning of their session.  We went with it and got some pretty ‘Notebook’-esque engagement portraits!
Seriously, we had so many dogs this year.  I LOVED it!!!!  <3
Those Walker Homestead Turkeys were a hit!
These Groomsmen were hilarious!  There were even more photos that we couldn’t put online! Hahaha!
Our one and only fake first look with Nic’s Best Man.  Nic’s reaction was the best!!!
On their way up for the Room Reveal with Bright DeSigns!
Outdoor Ceremonies have my heart.  <3 <3 <3 
Aly & Hunter came in from Des Moines for their session so we went with the 30 degree wind storm. I think they killed it.
Sadie and Sean had a Memoriam at their wedding for all of their loved ones that had passed.  Even as a guest I was in tears.  It was so touching.
Bri is a Zumba instructor so of course she had to get her girls on the dance floor for a Zumba routine!  Get it girl!!
Bri also became a Catholic this year!  I knew how proud she was of this accomplishment and it made her and Reid’s ceremony just that much more special!
Legit took five minutes to open this bottle.  So it really was a celebration once Becca got that corkscrew off!
One of my favorite churches from this year!
Our first Indian-American Wedding!  The culture and heritage was absolutely amazing!!!

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