We have a fun couple of months span in our household.  Starting in February we have a birthday every two months.  Then this year we had Ellie’s third birthday, followed by Evie turning 3 months old, and Addie’s second birthday will be tomorrow!  I figured I would take advantage of all of these events being so close together and shoot the girls’ milestone session together.  Our session was supposed to happen at the beginning of May so that way it would be right in the middle of everyone’s milestone, but wouldn’t you know scheduling + rain pushed it off until just last week!  No worries though, I’m always happy when we capture these special moments for the girls, even if it is a little late.



Some of you may not know much about my family, but if you’re a long time client and friend then I know you pretty much know all there is to know about my family.  I love talking about my three littles as they are the light of my life and I find so much joy in being their mother.


This is Elleanor Grace.   She is our oldest, spirited little three year old.  She’s got a spunky personality that’s a mix of quiet + sweet, and sassy + loud.  She’s the perfect mix.  I often find myself frustrated with her because we butt heads a lot.  She is fiercely independent and wants to do everything on her own terms.  This included crawling, walking, talking, and now includes her television shows, play time activities, meals and potty training (seriously guys, we’ve been trying for a year and a half now and it’s hit or miss with her.  If she doesn’t want to use the potty she will straight up go in her pants and does not care.  If you’ve got any tips and tricks for strong willed girls that don’t want to be potty trained- send them my way!  🙂 )   But I love her to death and love laughing at all her little quirks and ellie-isms.



This is Addalyn Joy.  She is only fourteen months younger than her sister.  When we had Ellie we thought she was so easy and fun that we would try to have another right away.  I think God found that humorous so he gave us little Addie’s personality.  She is a force to be reckoned with.  She is mischievous, curious, and nosy.  But she is also such a  lover, quite the comedian, and an all around joyful spirit.  Addie is also fearless.  She will go down the highest slide, jump carelessly off the couch, climb on top of tables and furniture, jump head first into the pool.  You name it, she’ll do it.  This girl is going to do something big in life, I just know it.

And last but not least we have my sweet Evelynn Hope.  She is only three months old but already I am so smitten with her.  I had some complications with both of our other girls’ births and did not have things go the way I wanted.  Baby Eve’s birth went perfectly and I was able to hold her and snuggle her all I wanted, leaving us with this special Mommy & Baby bond that I have so been missing.  This babe smiles non stop.  All you have to do is look at her and talk to her and this girl will be your best friend.   She loves attention and I am a-ok with that.  She is starting to become quite the little talker.  As I’m writing this I can hear her babbling away in her crib.  She’s also become a ninja at turning over.  No one has witnessed it happening yet but we will go to get her up from bed and she will be flipped over!  I’m waiting for the day to catch it happening.  I can’t wait to watch our little Baby Evie grow up and see her personality develop even more.

Often times when people see me in the stores with two in the cart and Evie in my Tula, I watch their eyes get wide and they’ll either whisper disapprovingly to each other or comment to me how hard it must be.  Yes, three babes three and under is difficult at times.  Especially when you run your own business.  But I find so much joy in these three little spirits and they make my life so full.  I wouldn’t change it for the world.  <3

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