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Weddings are such a momentous day and we are honored that our clients put their full trust in us to capture their wedding. We build relationships with our clients and get to know who you are as a couple.  You can trust that when you book your wedding with Fieldstone you will be getting much more than just a photographer, you will be gaining a friend!

This helps us capture your love story authentically so we can curate images that are specific to who you are.  With Fieldstone you are more then just a set of poses that we repeat wedding after wedding, but we understand that every story is uniquely woven and that each relationship we capture has it's own intricacies that make it beautiful.  That is what we aim to capture with every wedding.

LOVER OF iced coffee, essential oils, AND OF COURSE, PHOTOGRAPHY

On any given day you can find me at the Atomic Coffee drive thru with my four kiddos strapped in my mini-van on our way to Target or Hobby Lobby.

I married my hubby six years ago on the most perfect of October Saturdays.  We've got a pretty unorthodox love story in that neither of us was interested in dating the other.  But after 6 months of spending time together through mutual friends we began dating and the rest is history!  He's my rock and supports me through whatever dreams I come up with.

Past being a wedding photographer I am also an educator for photographers wanting to take their business to the next level.  I also own a studio share and small event space in Moline called Company Fifteen.

Fun facts about me: I am semi-addicted to Diet Coke with a splash of grenadine, my home looks like a Hobby Lobby show room, if I had a spirit animal it would be Joanna Gaines, I am always always cold, my phone has 14,000 photos on it from the last calendar year, I could live in TJMaxx, I like to microwave my ice cream, and I am obsessed with cute notebooks and gel pens.

Meet  Sandra


heartfelt, once-in-a-lifetime photography you'll cherish

As a photographer, my style is three-fold – a portrait photographer, a documentary photographer and an editorial photographer. I aim to tell the story of your wedding – not just the moment you said “I do”. It’s about the couple, the place, the family, the ceremony location, the flowers, the dancing at the reception – these all tell the story of your wedding. 

I invest myself wholeheartedly into each and every wedding.  I want to tell the story of your day so you can re-live it over and over again.  Not just so you can have gorgeous portraits to hang on your wall but so you can have your love story to reflect on and pass down through the generations.

my experience


9 years of experience & a passion for what I do

I began photographing when I was in high school with a beat up lime green HP point-and-shoot.  I would edit with a free online program called Picnik and everything was color saturation and word overlays. There wasn't much artistry in what I was doing but it developed and love and a passion that I didn't even realize I had until a few years into college.

After that it was years of YouTube videos, online courses, manuals, blogs...  I dug and dug to find as much information as I could to educate myself.  I continue my education always because I believe that you never know enough to stop learning and there is always something in your craft that can be improved.

I began with photographing all of the things, and soon found my love for documenting love stories. This is why we have stripped our business down and specialize in only shooting engagements, weddings, & anniversaries.  My true joy and drive lies in capturing couples who are madly in love. 

My life in photographs ...


the wonderful details that make up my life

On October 12, 2o13, I was married to my best friend and the most unsuspected surprise- Cyle.


As a photographer, my passion is telling authentic love stories and developing lasting relationships with my clients!

03. my passion

Four kiddos five and under is not easy but they are the lifeblood of my business and what keeps me going.


Most importantly, my faith is at the heart of everything I do. I serve others to serve Him.

04. my faith