Here at FSP we include custom timeline creation in every single one of our wedding photography packages.  I feel that it is a vital step in your wedding planning process and we find that most bride’s are at a loss when it comes to day-of timing for their wedding.

I want our Fieldstone Bride’s to be 100% confident walking into their wedding day!  I want you to have zero worries about timing, or questions about who needs to be where at what time.  This is why I create a timeline for each and every one of our bride’s and it is completely customized to your day.

What does this look like?

Having been in the industry for so long I often forget that not everyone knows what this means or what it looks like to have a custom timeline created!

About ten weeks before your wedding day I will send you a wedding day questionnaire form.  This will have different questions about what you have planned so far for your day, what you would like included in your day (first look, bridal reveal, receiving line, party bus pit stop).

I then take all of that information and use it to build your timeline!  Every bride’s timeline looks different based off of:

  • what time your ceremony begins
  • if you have a first look
  • if you are planning to complete all of your portraits prior to the ceremony
  • how long your ceremony is
  • if you are having a receiving line
  • if you are planning to stop with your party bus
  • if you are a one location wedding
  • where you would like to stop for portraits
  • what reception events you are planning to participate in
  • how many family portraits you are wanting
  • how big your bridal party is

I take all of the above items into account when building your timeline as well as travel time, downtime (so you can RELAX on your wedding day), and built-in buffer time for when things run behind on your day (because they ALWAYS do 😉 ).

I make sure that we are as prepared as possible so that your day is seamless.  After creating your timeline I send it to you in a PDF form so you can send it to anyone that might need it for the big day!  We include things such as addresses, additional notes, and parties involved in each portion so everyone knows when they are needed.

And if you’ve got a wedding planner don’t worry at all!  I will work with your wedding planner to create your custom timeline so that everyone is on the same page.

Custom Timeline’s are just one of the ways that we strive to take care of you here at Fieldstone.  Our couples are our #1 priority and our passion lies is serving you in whatever way is needed to ensure that you have a stress-free beautiful day.

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