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Christmas Tree Farm 2019


December 20, 2019

I know you’ve all heard me talk about how I LOVE family traditions!  My family has a lot of different traditions and we’re pretty stringent about following them.

One of my favorites is our annual trip to the Christmas Tree Farm!  For as long as I can remember we’ve gone out the day after Thanksgiving to hunt for a tree.  We’ve hopped around from farm to farm, but just about every year we’ve had a freshly chopped tree sitting in our living room.

We started our morning at Hickory Garden’s for breakfast and then headed out to Up North Pines in Davenport to find the perfect tree.

This year it was a bit chilly and the kids really weren’t having any of it (as you can see in the photos).  Funnily enough they were a-ok once the barn cats came out to play.  Haha!!

We only have a dog at home (as I am pretty allergic to cats) so the kids weren’t used to seeing cats.  These were really friendly and they had the most fun just following the cats around trying to play with them.

I think just about every year we have a photo of Cyle carrying a baby and a tree at the same time.  Dad of the year award right there.  He always consoles the crying kids, cuts down the tree, and carries it in to be shook and bailed.  And for that I am forever grateful.

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