Kyra & Mason

The sun came up over the auburn and golden leaves, casting a bright sunny glow on the towering steeple of the church.  The cold had migrated away, as did the wind, and it became the absolute perfect day for a wedding.

There was hustle and bustle all over the church as everyone was preparing for the day.  Kyra and her girls were excitedly chatting away finishing up all the finer details before getting into their dresses.  

Kyra’s mom held the back of her lace gown as she helped her daughter get dressed for the biggest day of her life.   She held her hand on Kyra’s shoulder, tears filling her eyes as the magnitude of the day washed over her.  A little later all of the Bridesmaids gathered around Kyra as her mom recited a prayer that she had prepared for her daughter on her wedding day.  A prayer of prosperity and life over their marriage, of strength in the hard times and love over all else.   It was the perfect way to send her daughter off into her new marriage.

It was almost time to begin as everyone entered the church with smiles and hushed conversations – just waiting to see the beautiful bride.  Mason entered the church with nothing but smiles as he waited for the rest of his life to begin.

Finally the double doors to the church swung open wide and there stood his beautiful bride standing next to her father with the sunlight streaming in behind them.  They began the walk down the aisle, you could feel the love and happiness radiating off of everyone in the room.  A feeling that simply proclaimed that this marriage was beyond what any man could piece together.  A love that was years in the making – before Kyra and Mason even had a thought about spending the rest of their lives together.

One of the most memorable moments of the ceremony was when the song ‘Be Thou My Vision’ was being played. ┬áThe voices of a hundred friends and family filled the sanctuary of the church as they came together to celebrate, creating the sweetest sounds and the greatest memories.

We loved being able to capture their love story and hope you enjoy a little preview from their wedding day below!

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