I keep writing and re-writing this post with what I am wanting to say about this weekend’s wedding.  It was such a peaceful, loving, and magical day; despite the icy rain and overcast skies (which would put most bride’s into a panic).  It’s almost like there are no words to express how wonderful of an event this was, but I know that it touched me in the depths of my soul just by being around all of these phenomenal people and being able to witness the beautiful love story of Jess & Justin.

We started the day with all the girls getting ready in Jessica’s parents’ bedroom (which by the way – is the epitome of gorgeous indoor lighting.  I was trying to talk them into letting me buy their house but it sounds like there is long waiting list).  There was excited chatter and the sounds of old friends having the best time.

This is the same place that Jessica and Justin had their first look.  I guided Justin into Jessica’s parents bedroom – where their first look was going to take place. He pressed his hands together and took a deep breath in.  I could tell he was nervous.  Jessica crept out of the bathroom and quietly met her groom with much anticipation and joy.  I  snapped away quietly from the corner of the room, trying not to interrupt their special moment together.  As I watched from afar I began thinking about Jessica’s childhood.  I wondered if she had ever played in that corner of her parents’ room when she was just a little girl.  If she had ever daydreamed and played pretend.  If she ever even dreamt that one day she would be standing in that very same spot, hands and eyes locked with the man of her dreams, just waiting to start their forever.

The whole morning held special meaning as the beginning of this very special day was held in a very special place that holds a lot of meaning to Jessica and her family.  The place where Jessica’s parents built their legacy and taught their daughters to love like Christ loved, through their example of marriage and faithfulness.

To me one of the best parts of the day was the ceremony itself.  A lot of ceremonies are very traditional, and you hear a lot of the same things being said.  But Jessica and Justin’s ceremony was so full of wisdom and connection from marriage to God.  Their officiant told the beautiful story of how Jessica and Justin grew up a mere 7 minutes from each other and held a summer job at the same pool – yet never met – displaying how God is patient and faithful with His plans, and knows the perfect timing.

He told of the duties of the bridal party to be on team Jess & Justin because their individual teams no longer exist.  He told of the marriage altar and how our former selfish beings must die at the alter so we can bring to life a new union.  It was hands down the best, most touching ceremony I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing.

Thank you both so much for allowing me into your hearts and homes to be able to tell your love story.  It was nothing short of perfection.  <3 <3

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