We had an absolute blast photographing Alexandra & Cody’s wedding on Saturday.  First we were worried about rain, but what we didn’t expect was that we had to worry about the massive amounts of wind- especially because they were having an outdoor ceremony at Camp Abe Lincoln!

I first met Alexandra and Cody when we had our initial consult for their wedding photography.  They were planning on having their wedding somewhere else in the Quad Cities but were going to have a late November wedding since that was the only date available at the venue.

During our conversation I mentioned Camp Abe Lincoln because I thought it had the look and feel of what they were wanting for their wedding.  I also ended up showing them a gallery from a wedding that I had recently done out at Camp.  They both seemed extremely interested in the prospect of hosting their wedding there (especially because what they really wanted was an October wedding) – so I gave them a little bit of info at the end of our meeting.

Little did I know; Ali and Cody drove out to camp THAT NIGHT and looked around the facility.  They talked with the coordinator and set a date.  Ali ended up calling me that evening telling me that they had booked Camp Abe Lincoln for their wedding, they switched their date to October 20th, and they would love to have me as their photographer!

It was a perfect fit and I was so excited to be able to capture their wedding for them.  Especially at Camp Abe Lincoln!  I was actually married out at Camp five years ago, and I also spent many summer’s working there in college.  It holds a very special place in my heart and I am always so happy when I get to spend time photographing a wedding there.

Not to mention that Alexandra and Cody are just two of the best people you’ll ever meet.  One of my favorite moments from the night was when Ali’s dad gave a speech telling a history about how he came to be Alexandra’s dad, how Ali & Cody met and his first impressions of him, and how he came to love Cody and knew that he was the absolute right man for his daughter.  I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room when he was finished.

I could go on and on and speak about how wonderful the day was, but I’m not the journalism major here so I think I’ll leave the eloquent writing up to Alexandra.  😉   But I will say that there was so much love and meaning packed into this day and it certainly will be a wedding that we remember fondly for years and years.

Thank you so much for putting you trust in us to capture your wedding day and to tell your love story.  We count it an honor and a blessing.  <3

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