These two.  Oh these two.  They’re swoon worthy.

I first met Alicia and Jakob at their engagement session. I spoke with Alicia over the phone to book their wedding but that was the extent of our communication.  And let me tell you, I am possibly the most awkward person on the phone.  I have zero conversational skills.  So I’m pretty sure she though I was some socially inept photographer that was all inner artist.  Luckily meeting me in person a whole new experience.  🙂




And when you have a client that stubs her finger and says “Jimmeny Christmas Strawberry Pie!” you know you’ve got a winner.  These two are old souls in love, and that makes me love them even more.  Most twenty-somethings that are getting married can’t get enough of each other and they love the PDA (which is NOT a bad thing).   But there’s something to be said for a couple that has a different kind of passion.  That soft burning love that doesn’t need to be spoken, or shown.  It’s just there.  In their movements, in their glances at each other, in their kind words and loving touches, and in their deep laughter.




They completely ROCKED their session, I am just obsessed with their photos.  I had such a blast getting to spend an hour with them telling their love story and I cannot wait until June to capture their special day at Lavender Crest Winery.




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