It was a cold breezy evening as we ventured out to capture the love of Ashley and Tayt.  Luckily they were up to braving the challenge and their images turned out beautifully.



I actually feel pretty special to be able to capture these two love birds’ wedding day.  Many moons ago I attended the University of Northern Iowa and Ashley lived next door to me in the dorms.   We quickly became a part of a group of friends that did practically everything together.  Then late in the semester, Ashley wanted me and my roommate to go with her to meet some guy named Tayton in Iowa City.  Being a girl, she did not want to end up meeting a serial killer, and of course two additional college age girls were going to help her out if that were the case.  😉


Tayt did not end up being a killer, and they shared their first kiss that night as we watched and giggled from the car.  The rest, they say, is history.  Sadly I left UNI and did not get to see Ashley and Tayt’s love bloom.  But I was extremely excited when I saw on Facebook that five years later he proposed!



Ashley and Tayt are that cute kind of love that lives in the giggles and smiles.  Ashley is strong and confident while Tayt is more reserved and laid back.  But together they make the perfect pair.



I am so excited for them and their love story to unfold this August!  🙂


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