A Quad Cities Waterfront Convention Center Wedding | Bettendorf, Iowa

Not everyone gets to marry their high school sweetheart, but even fewer get to do it TWICE!

Hailey & Jake have been waiting to celebrate with their family and friends for two and a half years!!! They were supposed to have their big celebration last year but due to COVID they had an intimate ceremony with just their immediate families, and they opted to have a vow renewal and reception with all their friends and families this year!

It has been so much fun to celebrate with Hailey & Jake and get to capture all of these special moments for them over the past couple of years. These two have some sort of magnetism for creating out of the ordinary moments that stick with you.

When we photographed their engagement session two years ago we were about 15 minutes into the session when the clear blue summer sky turned into a freak rain storm. Standing in the pouring rain, unsure what to do next, I asked them if they wanted to shoot in the rain just to make the best of a bad situation. Hailey and Jake were quick to agree and we made some beautiful memorable portraits in the rain.

Then last year they had seemingly simple ceremony at their home church, but they soon became Tik Tok famous (thanks to Travis + Joni Films for capturing that!) for their conversation during the ceremony of how their first kiss was supposed to go down. If you haven’t watched that, you should probably go check it out!

Then we came to this year! We were ready to have a simple Midwest wedding, but the universe had other plans for their day. To start the day there was a Fourth of July Parade on the road in front of their hotel and reception hall (blocking it off from entrance and exits). Then on the way to the church a car cut off the party bus, resulting in an abrupt stop, causing all the ladies to get thrown around and quite banged up in the process.

And if that all wasn’t enough, Jake got a sudden nose bleed while walking Hailey’s mom down the aisle. He ran out to take care of the blood all while the processional was still happening. Luckily we stopped Hailey before she proceeded down the aisle! Jake wanted to be present for the entirety of the ceremony though, so they had everyone go back down the aisle and have a do-over.

I think everyone knows the personality of both Hailey and Jake in that they are such light hearted people and like to have fun and see the joy in all things. This was no different; and instead of this being something that brought the mood down, the entire church of 400 guests was full of laughter and excited commotion. What a way to remember your second wedding day.

Thanks to Hailey & Jake for having us be a part of your story. It has been such a joy to get to know you both of the past two years and to celebrate you both and the love that you share. <3 Enjoy a preview of Mr. & Mrs. Gervase TAKE TWO!

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