A Quad Cities Wedding

Erin and Isaac were married this past Saturday at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Davenport, Iowa. Both Erin and Isaac are currently in school at Palmer so they chose to get married in the Quad Cities where they are currently located!

My favorite thing from their wedding day has got to be the fact that I don’t think Isaac stopped smiling from the minute he saw Erin walking down the aisle. Usually during a processional you never know how the groom will react. More often than not there are teary eyes, or maybe a slight smirk. But Isaac had the biggest full teeth smile on his face that I have ever seen. And all throughout the ceremony (and the rest of the day!) every time he looked at Erin he had that smile on his face.

We weren’t sure what the weather would hold, and it ended up raining nearly the entire day. But I think if there were a couple most equipped to have a rainy wedding day it would be Erin & Isaac! Their calm demeanor and come-what-may attitude was amazing as we went with the flow and ended up taking most of their portraits under the car port at the church.

Another highlight of the day was sweet Moose! I met Moose last year at Erin & Isaac’s engagement session and he is THE SWEETEST pup! I was so happy to hear that he would be joining us for some portraits; not to mention that he would be joining us for the entire reception! He was just the cutest thing walking around from person to person waiting for them to hand him a little piece of cheese or meat. And he kept his eye on his mom and dad the entire reception. How sweet it was to have him be a part of their special day. <3

Enjoy a small preview from Erin & Isaac’s beautiful wedding day.

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