Wow, what a year we’ve had! I think it’s safe to say that no one expected 2020 to go the way it did, least of all us. But despite all the craziness that ensued over the last year, we had an AMAZING 2020.

We spent the last year capturing our sweet couples getting married in various forms. Some of which we have never seen before! (Like getting married at your rehearsal dinner!). We worked with some wonderful vendors, ate way too much wedding cake, walked many many miles, danced barefoot with camera in hand, wiped tears from our eyes, swooned when seeing the dress for the first time, made a lot of people fake laugh until it was real, stood on chairs, laid on the ground, sweated our butts off, rode on party buses, held back branches, fixed dresses and veils, stealth walked down the aisle… and so, so, much more.

We. love. our. jobs. We love every piece of the puzzle that comes with photographing these wedding days, and looking back at these photos makes last year seem just that much sweeter. Enjoy a stroll through our 2020 weddings. Laugh with us, cry with us, and enjoy. <3

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