A Downtown Davenport Wedding | Hotel Blackhawk

Stefanie and Tyler were our final wedding of 2020 and boy did we end with a bang! I knew when Stefanie reached out to me about photographing her wedding that I had to say yes. I had already met Tyler and his whole family at his sister (Aly’s) surprise engagement party following her proposal and love them to pieces. I knew that Stefanie and her family were going to be equally as amazing!

Their wedding was on Halloween but Stefanie explicitly joked with me that NO ONE better show up in a Halloween costume because it is NOT a Halloween wedding! hahaha! Casey from Bright Designs designed and planned the whole wedding day and let me tell you; it was drop. dead. gorgeous. <3

The morning of the wedding there was a lot of excitement and flurry, but most of it came from Tyler! He was SO anxious to see Stefanie that he was pacing the hallway until it was time for their first look. When Stefanie gave him the go-ahead to turn around he whipped around at warp speed to see his bride as fast as he could. It was hands down the sweetest and most heartfelt first look I have ever witnessed.

After that we adventured around Downtown Davenport to capture some wedding party portraits in the historic, albeit slightly windy, city. The girls look ah-mazing in their emerald green dresses with their gorgeous florals from Staacks, and the guys were definitely rocking their navy blue suits. Stefanie had such a unique vision for her wedding and it was a stunner of a color pallette.

Stefanie and Tyler had a short but beautiful ceremony at the Blackhawk; officiated by Tyler’s cousin. The ceremony was even complete with a wine mixing ceremony! It was the first one I had ever seen and I loved the twist on a more conventional tradition. We all laughed, cried, and cheered as Stefanie and Tyler finally became husband and wife. Then, we partied hard. 😉

What a phenomenal wedding day it was. Thank you SO much Stefanie and Tyler for trusting us with your memories. <3 <3

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