A Chicagoland Engagement | St. James Forest Preserve

I spent the most perfect evening wandering the grounds of St. James with Emily & Joey!  Emily and I had already chatted for over an hour on the phone so I felt like I already knew both of them!  I always feel a bit creepy showing up to a session already knowing my Groom’s whole life story; but hey, it makes us closer, right?

I was super excited for Emily &  Joey’s engagement (and can’t wait for their wedding as well!)  I felt an instant connection with Emily and knew that we would get along perfectly.

Emily told me that she worried that they were both a little awkward in front of the camera and that she wasn’t sure how photos would go.  I told her not to worry – that most of our couples feel that way, and was definitely something I am used to working with.  At one point in the session I remember Emily saying; oh my gosh we actually look like we are in love!  hahaha.  Now if that isn’t the tell tale sign that you have been in a relationship for 5+ years I don’t know what is!!

Seriously, these two were so much fun to hang out with and photograph.  Their wedding next July is going to the best time.  And hopefully we’ll have Oliver’s all around.  <3

“Joey is the definition of selfless, he puts everyone’s wants and needs in front of his own regardless of the situation. We had a long-distance relationship for 4 years, and he always made sure that we would see each other as much as possible.”

“My favorite thing about Emily is her kind hearted and caring nature, and her ability to get through anything that gets in her way. Throughout our relationship she had always made it her top priority to always help everyone with anything and everything she can, even if that means sacrificing something of her own needs to make sure others are put first. She makes sure everyone else is taken care of, especially me, before she worries about herself and I don’t think there is a better quality a person can have. She also has overcome every obstacle she has encountered, no matter how big the hurdles may be, she always comes out on top. She always steps up to the plate to get things done when they matter most, and I love how she is able to do this time and time again.”

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