A Celebration Farm Wedding

Most of time when a Cubs and Cardinals fan meet, there’s nothing more than a few disgruntled remarks exchanged and everyone will go on their way.  But with Alyssa and Bryan it turned into a love story that they will never forget!

Alyssa and Bryan were surrounded by their family and friends to celebrate their marriage on a beautiful September evening.  They chose to keep their ceremony small due to the Pandemic, but just because their guest count was low does not mean that there was any less excitement for the couple at the Farm.

My favorite part of the wedding was when Bryan began reciting his vows.  He didn’t even need a sheet of paper to read from.  He had memorized them!!!  And they were the most epic wedding vows that I have heard to date.  I think we were all swooning in our seats.

I am beyond excited for Alyssa and Bryan to begin their lives together as husband and wife.  And I am so happy that I get to celebrate with them again next year at their reception!  <3

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