An Iowa Summer Wedding


Samantha & Justin were married on the fourth of July in a beautiful celebration full of family and friends!  The fourth of July has always been a very special date for Samantha and Justin as that was the date that they first began dating, as well as the date they got engaged!  It only seemed fitting that they also be married on that date as well!

Samantha and Justin were married at St. Anne’s Catholic Church in Long Grove, Iowa.  Samantha has such a special family history with her Grandparents and her parents being married at St. Anne’s (as well as multiple other family members!).  It made it even more special for Samantha & Justin to be married at this church.

Their day was full of so much laughter and joy.  I loved watching Justin’s reaction to Samantha all day long as he was constantly smiling and laughing with her, just head over heels in love.

Enjoy a preview of their beautiful 4th of July wedding!

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