A Milwaukee Engagement

I love it when we find a couple and I can instantly tell that they are a ‘Fieldstone Couple’.  That might sound weird to a lot of you, but to Liana and I we know exactly what that means and it always makes us very excited!

A ‘Fieldstone Couple’ would be someone that we feel like meshes EXTREMELY well with our personalities.  A couple that as soon as we show up to their session or wedding we instantly feel like family and like we’ve known each other for years.  Chatting comes easy, posing is natural and fun.  It’s just a great time and makes for the best experience for everyone!

Well I can tell you that Madison & Austin are 1000% a Fieldstone Couple.

They showed up to their session ready to laugh, to play, and to have a great time.  They even brought some Spotted Cow along for some fun end-of-the-session drinks!  (side note: if you’re going to bring drinks to a session, you may want to invest in a cooler of sorts because warm beer is…  well…  you know).

One of the first things that Madison said to me was that she CANNOT keep a straight face, and will most definitely laugh.  To which I laughed back and said, ‘That is totally fine!  I am the same way!!’  All my face knows how to do is smile, so I will gladly embrace anyone who is the same!  😉

I always have my couples fill out a questionnaire before their session to help me get to know them and their relationship a little bit better before our time together.  While I was reading through their questionnaire I was instantly impressed with (and knew that I would for sure love) Austin.  I asked him what his favorite memory with Madison was and he sat down and wrote out their entire proposal story from beginning to end.  I laughed and chuckled along with the whole thing and really loved getting to read about such a special story for them!

My favorite part of their engagement story is that Madison knew that Austin was going to propose because he asked her early in the week to go out on a ‘date night’ and he never worded it that way.  She was so sure, in fact, that she told her students that she was getting engaged that weekend!!  I have to love a girl with that much confidence!!!  😀

I can’t get over how much fun we all had together at their session and I know that they joy and love that Madison & Austin feel for each other shined through in their photos.  <3


“My favorite thing about Austin is his humor and ability to always make things fun and interesting. I also admire his dedication to his family and people he loves. He would drop anything for them. He is also a hard worker and always strives to be better than he was before.”



“My favorite thing about Madison is that she always knows how to make me smile and laugh. I can always count on her to make me smile and feel warm inside. She also has a great sense of humor and I love her clever jokes at my expense. I never feel like she’s laughing at me but rather we’re laughing and enjoying our unique relationship together.”


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