A Quad Cities Engagement


I’m not sure if you could have asked for a more perfect engagement session then the session that we had with Sarah & Drew.

Sarah told me before the session that she was a little nervous to have a two hour session where the focus was totally on herself and Drew!  (Who wouldn’t be?!)  She told me that they are both really laid back people and being the center of attention was just not something that was up their alley.

When I heard this I just began smiling in that slow-burn-grinch-style kind of way.  Because I knew.  I knew that she and Drew would feel 1000% comfortable once they got in front of my camera.  I knew that they would walk away smiling, laughing, and having a great time.  I knew that this experience was going to far surpass their expectations.  Because creating a fun and inviting environment is exactly what we do, and I already knew from chatting with Sarah for over an hour on the phone that we were going to get along phenomenally.

If you view all the way to the end you will see my FAVORITE images from the session.  Sarah brought a couple of beers for she and Drew to share at the end of the session!  It was the perfect way to end a wonderful evening together and I think they are just the most adorable images!!!

It was an absolute joy to spend the evening getting to know Sarah & Drew!  Their love and joy is contagious, and they simply lit up the evening.  I cannot wait for their wedding next April!


“I love the person Drew is. He is so comfortable with who he is as a person, with his relationships, in his school and work. He has this uncanny ability to make everyone around him feel at ease. Being with Drew has made me strive to love myself and be the best person I can be.”



“My favorite thing about Sarah is her passion and commitment. She never does anything less than 100%, and it is something so inspiring to me. Her passion and excitement is so incredible to witness.”


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