Hey there friends!  I don’t think I’ve actually completely introduced myself here on the blog!  Plus we have a lot of new followers since Liana joined the crew; so I figured I was a little past due to say ‘Hey!’ and tell you a little bit about myself.

My full name is Cassandra; but I really have no preference over Cassandra or Sandra.  So if you see Cassandra or Sandra on the blog, website, an email, or anywhere on social media- that’s me!

I was born and raised in the Quad Cities!  I grew up in West End Davenport and my family currently lives in Park View.  I left the Quad Cities for two brief periods of time for college.  One semester to UNI and another to Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida!

My early college years are a bit funny in that I attended four different colleges in four semesters.  I had no clear direction for a career path, or even for passions in my life.  I knew I loved the arts, and I knew I loved being creative.  Analytical or scientific jobs were never even a passing thought to me, I knew that I needed to create.

I began college as a Theater major with plans of opening up my own theater, as well as writing, choreographing, and directing my own productions.  (Lofty goals, amiright??)  There were multiple places in my two years of college that people had spoken into my life and asked if I had thought about pursuing photography as a career choice.  I don’t remember when the actual shift was made, but eventually I changed directions and started pursing photography.

It was during this time that I met Cyle, got married, and started having kids!  Our love story is kind of a whirlwind of meeting, not wanting to date, flirting constantly, and eventually dating for seven months, and being engaged for nine months before getting married!  We figured everything else happened extremely fast in our relationship so why not also have our first child six months after getting married?!  (Ok, that wasn’t really the thought process, but it sounds good, right?)

We ended up having four kids in five years and we are PRETTY sure that we are done. LOL!  I’m currently trying to persuade Cyle to let me get my DREAM dog (a Mini Goldendoodle) instead of having another baby.  So we’ll see how that goes.

If you follow me for any amount of time you will get to know the four little gems that are my daughters.  (That’s right, all girls).  They are equal parts sass, love, attitude, hilarity, and insanity.  They make life really interesting and I can’t imagine what life would look like without them.  I LOVE being a mom, though I could argue that I’m not the best at it.  I am definitely not Miss Susie Homemaker.  I think we eat more frozen or take out meals than fresh homemade, my kids have quite a bit of screen time, we don’t have cool structured activities, and I absolutely hate arts and crafts time.  But I do like to go on adventures with my kids whether it’s hiking, swimming, the park, strolling around Target (that is totally an adventure), driving around looking at the landscapes, or going to the trampoline park…  I like to have fun with my kids.  And I feel like that makes me a pretty good mom.

Obviously I’m obsessed with dogs.  I’m ‘that girl’ whose voice gets all high and squeaky any time a dog passes by.  In our wedding vows my husband told me that he would support me in any of my dreams and endeavors, and then promptly noted that if I wanted to start a Dog Farm that he would be onboard.  So don’t think I’m not holding that in my back pocket for then the girls are out of the house.

I love all things white, and really wish I could move to Texas and just pretend to be Joanna Gaines.  I’m not good at the home decorating but I sure love looking at it on Pinterest.  If I ever get my dream house I will most definitely be hiring someone to do all the interior design and I’ll just say yes when I see a pretty picture that I love.

A little over a year ago I got this crazy notion to open up a studio share in the Quad Cities called Company Fifteen.  (If you have no idea what that is, most people don’t, so it’s ok).  A studio share is a photography studio that is open to photographers to rent out and utilize for their sessions.  I had a vision of an all white space full of beautiful natural light.  But when working with a fifty year old commercial building you get quite a few surprises.  I ended up with a really cool space that I love, and I’m really proud of.  It was a TON of work but I loved watching something come to life before my eyes and know that I was the one that did it.

Well, do you feel like you know me yet??  If not; here’s some rapid fire facts about me:

  • I love iced coffee.  All day, er’ day.
  • Steak & Potatoes is 100% my favorite meal
  • If I could live in sweatpants and a sweatshirt I would
  • Wine & Beer, yuck.  Cocktail, yum.
  • Baseball hats are life
  • Introverted People Person
  • I hate socks
  • SUMMER <3
  • Type 2 Enneagram
  • Laughter is my favorite
  • Mini Van Enthusiast
  • Natural born leader
  • I LOVE being barefoot
  • candles. candles. candles.  (carcinogens, what?)
  • Challenge me to FRIENDS trivia, you will lose
  • Microwave Popcorn + White Cheddar Salt = Perfection
  • Favorite Restaurant: Me & Billy


Whelp.  That’s me!  If you’ve made it this far then we should really be friends.  You can follow along with me and get to know me more on Insta!

Images by: Sarah Sunstrom Photography & Ashley Bowman Photography

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