The Current Up Skybar

Plan your wedding on a Wednesday and get married that Sunday?! Sure! 

When Erin reached out to me on Wednesday and told me they had set a wedding date I was SO EXCITED. I first met them for their beautiful engagement session on her grandmas property last summer. 

Erin and Mitch are both so laid back and planned such an intimate wedding in just a few short days once they saw the weather forecast for the upcoming weekend. Family and friends quickly came along side of them to make their wedding dreams come true! 

She didn’t let anything get her down! Even ironing a huge hole in her dress and having to run out to grab a new one just hours before the ceremony. 

Erin’s mom officiated their wedding and during the reading of the prayer for the two of them it stated “Erin & Matt” instead of Mitch. WHOOPS! Talk about Twin brother problems! They both had a great sense of humor about it and died laughing, scroll to their reactions! 


Venue: The Current Up Skybar

Original Dress: Asos 

Dress that saved the day: Von Maur 


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