Tonya and Bob were married on the perfectly sunny summer day.  It was a tad warm but it was actually not the worst we’ve seen this summer.  It’s always a gamble with that good ol’ Iowa weather.

Tonya and Bob had their ceremony at Old St. Anne’s Church in Pioneer Village which is always a really fun place to get married.  The church holds a lot of history and charm, while the village nearby offers something different and fun from what you would normally see at a church wedding.

Tonya and Bob had their friend officiate their wedding which I am always a fan of.   It adds a personal touch to your wedding ceremony that you just can’t get from a hired officiant.  They packed that church out with all of their family and friends and I’m sure you could hear the first kiss hoots and hollers all the way back in Davenport!

We hit up Lady DI’s bar in Park View on the way back and it felt like one of those country movies where all the locals know everyone at the bar.  We walked in and were welcomed like old family!

Then we headed to Davenport for the Starlite Ballroom where Tonya and Bob planned to party the night away!  It was an amazing day full of all the best family and friends, laughs and tears, puppies, sparklers, amazing midwest food, and a love to last a lifetime.  <3

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