I’m at a loss for words for how to describe last weekend’s wedding.  I knew that Jillian and Nic’s wedding was going to be one for the books – but man, these two really took the cake.

Jill is the sweetest, happiest, kindest girl you will ever meet.  She and Nic first started dating in junior high.  They were apart for some time but Nic quickly realized what he was missing and found his way back home.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Nic is just head over heels in love with his new bride.  Before their first look I walked Nic outside the house to get him all set up.  Before I went to grab Jill I asked if he was ready.  He told me, “I’m so nervous; I’m totally going to cry!”  (insert ‘awwww’s!!!!’ here)

Little did Nic know that his best man was inside at that exact moment putting on a resale wedding gown (complete with a 90’s viel) getting ready for their prank first look.  Just the icing on the cake that even those two have that deep, intimate, romantic type of love; they’ve also got a HUGE sense of humor and love to have a good time.

Nic hyped himself up, turned around, stopped dead in his tracks, and then just nodded his head.  He knew that this had to be the handy work of his soon-to-be bride.

Don’t worry, we actually brought Jillian out for a real first look next.  Cue the tears, the beautiful exchange of hugs, kisses, and a sweet little gift that Jill worked on since she and Nic got engaged!

The day was perfect in every single way and it was such an honor to be a part of it.  <3

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