Jen and her father began the long journey down the slope to where Adam and the rest of their family and friends waited with baited breathe.  So excited to get a glimpse of the beautiful bride.  Adam turned his back towards them and stood there; waiting anxiously.  Finally when they reached the aisle he turned around with red rimmed eyes as he met the tearful gaze of his about-to-be wife.  I don’t think you could find a sweeter and more sincere moment and I don’t think they left a dry eye on that hilltop.


I first met Adam and Jen in the Quad Cities where they were looking for an engagement photographer.  I took one look at them and knew I wanted to photograph their wedding.  There are some couples that make it work, and they have found love in each other.  Jen and Adam?  They were made for each other.  All you have to do is watch Adam as he looks at Jen, or listen as they speak so highly about each other, or watch them as they go from tearing up just looking at each other to being bent over in side stitches laughing with each other.  You can tell they’ve got something special and different.   It’s hard to explain but absolutely beautiful to witness, and I felt honored to take part in their special day.


If there’s one thing to learn about Upper Michigan it’s that the weather can change at the drop of a hat.  The forecast for Saturday had changed at least ten times in the last week and we weren’t sure if we were going to get rained on or not.  The skies held off though and it turned in to a beautiful day for a wedding!   We had a few hiccups along the way such as missing socks, running late, a missing RV, bee stings, and a misspoken name but I don’t think they would’ve had it any other way.  Here are some of my favorites from their gorgeous wedding day.  <3






Location :  Treetops Resort

Florals: Flowers by Evelyn

Dress:  Hope’s Bridal

Tux:  Men’s Warehouse

Videographer: Third Cinema Productions


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