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Gibbs Family


April 22, 2016

I have had the absolute pleasure of watching these kiddos grow for the last three years. It is my favorite part of my job when I have families that entrust me with their memories and continue to come back for sessions. This family was with me when I first ventured on my journey of starting my business full time, and they’ve stuck with me ever since. 🙂



Logan is the leader of the pack, and a great big brother. He watches over and helps corral his brothers. He’s a great role model and protector.


I have soft spot for sweet little girls (since I have two of them). Miss Avery just steals the spot light; she is so beautiful! If you know her Mama you know that she is spitting image. She’s fierce but quiet and LOVES to model for the camera (and the camera loves her!).


These boys, oh these boys! Colten and Cooper are wild spirits running free. Colten definitely has a little energizer bunny running inside him, but he’s got a contagious spirit. Cooper is more reserved but equally as fun, and as sweet as pie.


These kids are a blast to work with. They are wonderful children with beautiful personalities and kind hearts. So much love.


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