My beautiful baby girl turned two this past weekend! I can’t believe that is has already been two years since I turned in to a mother. My little Ellie has taught me patience, forgiveness, tenderness and she has taught me that sometimes you forget your to-do list and snuggle.

We had a fun filled day planned for the family to celebrate. Since Ellie is too young to have favorites, we decided on HuHot for her birthday lunch. I don’t think she had any objections. 🙂



One thing that you should learn about Elleanor; is that she LOVES water. Loves, loves, loves it. When we have bath time she never wants to get out. And if I let her she will stay in there for hours on end. So we decided that we would take her to the Y so she could play in the pool. It turns out that Ellie does not like large bodies of water and gets cold way too easily. After about five minutes in the water this is how it ended.


Her poor little face says it all. She did not have a good time at all, maybe next year baby girl… maybe next year.

Sister on the other hand; loved it!




The night ended with a little birthday dinner and celebration.




It feels like time seems to go quicker and quicker and it breaks my heart with every passing day. I can remember the day Elleanor was born so vividly that it feels like it was just a few days ago. That feeling of newness, and anxiety. This little tiny bundle was mine. Mine to care for, to shape and mold her life, to teach her and discipline her, and to love her like no one else can. The older they get the more challenging it gets, and we are definitely coming upon those terrible twos. But for every outburst and tantrum, there are sweet moments where she holds me a little tighter, smiles with her wicked little grin, and reminds me that every day being a mother is so totally worth it.

Happy Birthday my sweet little firecracker.


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