A Seattle Area Engagement | Snoqualmie Pass, Washington

What an absolute dream it was to capture Amanda & Victor’s engagement session! We had to think on our toes since every single plan that we made for their session location fell through. Amanda really loves Mt. Rainier (and also lives pretty close by!) so we thought it would be perfect to do their session with Mt. Rainier in the background. As soon as I landed in Seattle we found out that there was an avalanche that was covering the pass that we needed to take to get to Lake Tipsoo… making a 2 hour drive a 13 hour drive. So clearly that option was off the table.

I ended up finding a beautiful lake in Snoqualmie Pass, so we decided we would head that way! On our way Amanda was looking up some travel info and found out that there was a foot of snow that had just melted and that we would be trekking through mud and muck to get to the lake. So we decided that probably wouldn’t be a good option either.

Victor started pulling off different roadways trying to find a spot that we could get a scenic view to do their session; but every road that he turned down was either closed off or full of snow. The sun was quickly setting and it seemed that we may just be out of luck.

We finally found a nearby park with a lake and a view of the mountains, and the rest is history! We caught the sun as it hid behind the mountains and had the most perfect mini engagement session. I cannot wait to get back to Seattle this fall for their wedding! It is going to be the BEST time with two of the most wonderful people I know. <3

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