A Backyard Farm Wedding | Long Grove, IA

What an awesome backyard wedding we were able to take part in a few weeks ago!  This love story hits a little bit closer to home for me since Anna is one of my cousins!  <3

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Payton over the last few years as Anna brought him to multiple family functions.  We knew right away that he would be a good fit as he joked around with the family and caught on to our sarcastic humor.

He and Anna are the perfect fit since they both have a love for farming and animals.  I don’t know a lot about this world but I know that it is near and dear to both of their hearts and that was a running them throughout their wedding day.

Anna and Payton were married at Anna’s Grandparents farm where Anna spent a lot of time running around and playing as a young child.  It holds all sorts of special memories for Anna, and now will hold one of their most cherished memories as a couple.  And what an extra joy it was to have their little daughter; Nellie, able to join them and be a part of the wedding!

It was such a special day and we loved being a part of it!  <3

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