A Cedar Rapids Engagement

I had the best time adventuring around Cedar Rapids with Alyssa & Bryan for their engagement session!  When Alyssa and I were first starting to plan their engagement session she said that she was pretty open to any ideas for where to have their enagement session.

She explained that she and Bryan just love to try new things together and to go on adventures.  She told me that there was no one specific location that stuck out to her as special for both of them but just that she wanted to capture the spirit of their relationship.  And I think we did just that!

We even made a stop at a baseball diamond for some photos of Alyssa and Bryan in their team jersey’s!  🙂

I love that Alyssa and Bryan were exactly themselves for their session.  They laughed and goofed around the entire time and were just happy-go-lucky in love.  That is just the thing we love to capture!

I can’t wait to capture their wedding ceremony in just a month, and then their reception next year!


“My favorite thing about Bryan is that he always knows how to make me laugh or smile. He’s also good at cheering me up when I am feeling down or sad.”



“My favorite thing about Alyssa is that she is so caring, she always puts people first instead of herself. No one I know is so selfless and thoughtful. She is always on your side through thick and thin. Also, she makes a really good cashew chicken meal from the instant pot.  🙂 “


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