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Erin & Isaac


June 30, 2020

Iowa City Engagement Session


I met up with Erin and Isaac last weekend for a super fun engagement session in Iowa City!  They brought along their one year old pup named Moose which made their session EVEN BETTER!  <3  (ps – I will love you forever if you bring your pup to your engagement session 😉 )

Erin and Isaac but describe their relationship as playful and fun, and I don’t think it could be any more true!  These two were full of smiles and laughs, and would take a pose and run with it because they were so caught up laughing and just enjoying being together.

My favorite part of their session is the fact that every time Isaac kissed or nuzzled Erin he would bust out in the biggest ear to ear smile I’ve seen.  Literally just glowing with his love for Erin.  Ya’ll know that smiles are my favorite, but THOSE kinds of smiles are the absolute best.



“My favorite thing about Isaac is that things have always been so “easy” with him from the first time we met and that just felt like home.”



“Erin is the only person I know who I can’t keep a straight face with no matter how hard I try. She is absolutely ridiculous in the best way possible, and is always completely herself no matter what she is doing or whom she is with.”


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