Des Moines Engagement Session | Waterworks Park | Iowa Wedding Photographer


I’ve known Mary basically my entire life (ok, since the 7th grade, but once you get into adulthood that’s basically your whole life!) and I was so excited to be able to document such a special time in her and Colton’s life!

Mary and I used to be called Hobo Buddies (we played the Oboe together in Junior High Band Class) and then once we got into high school for some reason (I honestly can’t remember why) we started calling each other Wifey.  I’m sure people looked at us and scoffed for being super immature and silly.  But the matter of the fact was that we were extremely close and the best of friends.

Mary even introduced me to Cyle (my husband!) and was the reason that we got together.  She orchestrated the open mic nights and group hang outs that we were a part of when Cyle and I met and fell in love.  Even as adulthood has ebbed and flowed and we’ve had careers, relationships, and kids (fur baby or otherwise) that have pulled us in different directions; we remain the best of friends and pick up as if we saw each other yesterday.

I was beyond excited to travel to Des Moines (where Mary and Colton live) to be able to photograph their engagement session!  I’ve met Colton just once before but I knew he and I would get along due to his quick wit and sarcastic sense of humor (honestly, you’ve got to have that to be friends with me or Mary).

Mary and Colton are the type of couple that makes you laugh because they laugh at each other and with each other, and everything is always fun.  We made our way through the blooms and the trees all while Colton laughed every time he kissed Mary and Mary jokingly hoisted Colton in the air when she was hugging him.  It was nothing but a good time and it was so fun to get a peek inside their relationship!

I can’t wait until their wedding in September!  It is going to be an absolute blast and I am so excited to be a part of it.  🙂

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