Words cannot express how excited I am to announce to you all the beginning of something new with Fieldstone Photography!

For the last nine years you have seen my face on this business.  I have been the owner, operator, dreamer, and doer for this little business of mine.  It has grown to places that I never thought it could and I am excited to see it grow even further with the addition of a TEAM!



Meet Liana


Liana is a QC Native born and raised.  She’s a wife and a mama, Mexican Cuisine lover, and an Enneagram Type 3.  She’s been a photographer for 5 years and is now a part of the Fieldstone Team!

Liana and I have been friends for over three years now, and we are so similar it’s kind of entertaining.  We’re both just basic mom’s that love Target, Chik Fil A, and iced coffee.

What started as a girls night chat over drinks at Me & Billy quickly turned into something more…  I told Liana of the dreams I had for Fieldstone.  To have a team that shares core values and the same passion & mission, and something much bigger then just myself.  I had this vision for FSP for over a year and it quietly sat in my heart because I knew that there were so many pieces to this puzzle and I didn’t want anything less than perfection.

But as Liana heard my vision that night she looked at me for about two seconds and then said, ‘I would totally do that.’

And the rest, as they say, is history.

So meet the new, and improved – Fieldstone Photography.




What this means

So what exactly does it mean to have a team?!  We are so excited for all the wonderful things that being a team is going to bring for our clients.  There are two big changes that this will have for Fieldstone Photography.


We will now be accepting Families!!!

We will now be offering a Family Experience through FSP.  Liana has such a heart for families (especially those little kiddos!) and I am so excited to be able to offer photography for families once again!  If you are interested in information about our Family Experience visit here.


Liana will be accepting Weddings!

Our couples will now have the option to choose Sandra or Liana to photograph their wedding day!  As similar as we are we are also very different in our photographer eye, workflow, and personality (although we will still have the same dreamy style!).  We believe that everyone should have a photographer that they love and connect with, and we want our couples to choose whomever they connect with best!


You will be hearing from both of us on the blog and on social media.  We will mainly be sharing our work and some fun team things.  So if you would like to follow along with us personally on social media you can do so here-


Follow Sandra  >>

Follow Liana >>


Thank you so much for your support, we can’t wait for this new season for Fieldstone Photography.  <3

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