George and Kate had the most perfect wedding day.  They were married at the St. Ambrose University Chapel in Davenport, Iowa.  Both George and Kate attended St. Ambrose (although a few years apart), and spent a lot of time together on the beautiful tree lined campus.

Most of their bridal party attended St. Ambrose as well and a lot of them played volleyball together as well.  It was such a tight knit group of friends (even those who did not go to SAU) that you would have felt like they’d been best friends their entire lives.

We always love it when we get a really fun bridal party because it kind of sets the tone for the day.  These guys were ready for a good time and were nothing but excited chatter and laughter from the beginning of the day till the end.

Every aspect of George and Kate’s wedding day was amazing and we had the best time celebrating with them.  <3

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