Saturday was the our very first wedding of 2019 and we couldn’t have started our wedding season out better.  Hilary and Kyle were married in Muscatine, Iowa at the beautiful Merrill Hotel and Conference Center.  Located in downtown Muscatine right on the Mississippi River.  What a beautiful view we all had!

We started the day at the hotel where the ladies were hanging out in their hotel suite.  I feel it would be a disservice to you if we didn’t at least mention that yes, Bernie Sanders did in fact crash the wedding venue that afternoon.  I’m not a political person so I won’t say much except for the fact that no we did not get to see him, yes he was there at the same time as us, and no, he did not in fact pay for the wedding.

Hilary and Kyle opted for no first look so we spent the morning just taking some detail photos and candid shots of the bridal party while they excitedly awaited the ceremony so these two love birds could finally see each other!

I hadn’t had a chance to talk to Kyle yet so I had no idea how he was feeling.  Some Grooms are nervous, some full of anticipation, and we also have Groom’s that are completed chill and relaxed.  I was eager to see how Kyle was feeling and how the rest of the day would unfold!

The processional began and all of the bridal party entered the church.  Then Kyle began his descent down the aisle with his mother on one side of him and his father on the other.  All three of them walked about four steps before tears began to well up in each of their eyes.  Not tears of sadness, or of loss.   But tears of love, joy, and happiness.  Tears of knowing just how lucky Kyle was and how he was about to begin the rest of his life with the most incredible woman.

Hugs were exchanged at the end of the aisle and then Kyle took his place on the alter, anxiously awaiting Hilary’s presence.  His brother grasped his shoulder and squeezed hard; tears welling up in his own eyes as well.

Then the church fell silent as the large wooden double doors to the sanctuary opened.  There stood Hilary, next to her mother and father, with the beautiful warmth and sunshine gleaming in from behind them.  A smile fell upon Hilary’s face as she looked down the aisle to see her soon-to-be-husband.

I looked behind me to see Kyle, even more emotional than before.  Trying to hold back tears, but emanating such love for his Bride.

This is my favorite moment of the ceremony.  Perhaps my favorite moment of the wedding day in general.  It is such a real a raw moment that no-one can stage, and no one can script.  And it’s such a beautiful moment to witness.

Of course they said I do, and the rest of the day was filled with a lot of laughs, some jokes, more tears, but most of all a lot of love.  Love from both sides of the family, and all of the guests as they came together to celebrate the love that Hilary and Kyle both share.

What a beautiful and memorable day it was.  We were so honored to be able to witness and capture such a wonderful day.  Hilary and Kyle – thank you for allowing us to be a part of your love story.  We will treasure your friendship forever.  <3

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