Saturday morning I woke up to the sound of rain hitting hard against my roof.  I looked out the window in dismay as I saw the dark blue moody sky filled with gray rain clouds.  Elise and I had already been talking about what to do if it were to rain on her big day; and even though we had a game plan it still was a bit of a bummer.

Through the morning though the sky became lighter and lighter.  By the time I arrive for Elise to get ready the rain was gone and the sun was out!  Talk about mother nature smiling upon your wedding!  🙂

Saturday turned out to be the perfect wedding day full of sunshine and smiles.  Elise got ready at The Current Hotel (which is actually a newer hotel that is part of the Blackhawk chain).  It was gorgeous and so roomy for all her gals to hang out in.  We had some fun with champagne popping and Mimosa’s then headed off to Hotel Blackhawk for their first look.

Meanwhile the guys were doing some bowling and then getting into their suits for the day.  Nathan approached the staircase and stood nervously waiting for Elise to make her way down the stairs.  Anticipation was written all over his face.  But as soon as he turned around and saw his Bride it was all smiles!

Elise and Nathan had a beautiful ceremony at the Ascension Chapel at Augustana College where there love story unfolded itself.  The raw acoustic guitar music and twinkling voices was absolutely the perfect fit for their wedding and the Chapel.  Elise and Nathan vowed to love each other for the rest of their lives and shared a loving kiss followed by crazy amounts of applause.

The rest, they say, is history.  We listened to Elise’s dad talk about his beautiful vivacious little girl.  We watched the best man wish his brother the best with some Korean Marriage Ducks and rocking aprons, and then the Maid of Honor gave a heartfelt speech about her best friend.  The icing on the cake for the evening was Elise’s family singing to her mom and dad since this weekend is their 25th wedding anniversary!  The room was erupting in laughter and tears.  I can still hear ‘Bob & Charleeeeeeennnnneee!’ in my head throughout the day.

It was such a blessing and honor to be able to witness your love story and to share in a part of your wonderful wedding.  Thank you both for choosing us to capture these moments for you.  <3

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