Saturday was an absolute riot with Ally, Seth, and their Bridal Party.   They were all so nice and equally hilarious.  We spent most of our day laughing, and laughing.  Oh yes, and laughing some more.  There was a shots game, tree hugging, pole dancing, hair petting, and so much more that I can’t even begin to explain.  My favorite weddings are always the ones where you feel like a part of the family, and this was definitely one of them.

Seth & Ally (cough*mainlyally*cough) have been planning their wedding for over a year now.  They chose the Quad Cities as their wedding location since both of them had relocated here a few years back for work.  All of their family and friends traveled to celebrate the day with them, and what a wonderful day it was!

Ally paid so much attention to even the small little details.  There were so many adorable little pieces that made up their wedding decor and story.  I think I may just hire her to come decorate my house.   When she’s not teaching all her little kiddo’s though!

Ally is just the sweetest soul you will ever meet.  Her smile rarely leaves her face, and it is so infectious.  It makes you feel so much joy and happiness just looking at her.

Seth is her perfect partner as he seems much more reserved and quiet upon first meeting him.  But you soon realize that he has the same inner joy that Ally has, and I think she brings it out of him even more.

We had a wonderful; albeit warm, day at the Steeplegate Inn in Davenport.  They were married in front of beautiful backdrop that Ally’s dad put together.  The Bridal Party had some gorgeous arrangements put together by Melanie’s Flowers.  Seriously, this gal does not disappoint.

After their vows we all loaded up on the party bus with Three Guys & a Bus.  Let me tell you – every time we go out with these guys it is a real good time.  This wedding was no exception.  There was dancing, singing, drinking, and all the laughter you could muster.  What a wonderful group of people we were able to spend the day with.

Thank you so much Ally & Seth for choosing us to be a part of your big day.  <3

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