Hello all!  It’s time for another Wedding Tip Wednesday!  I constantly hear from Bride’s how there are so many little details to worry about on a wedding day (and when planning your wedding day) that it can be so overwhelming.  Often times you don’t even know what you’re looking for or what little things you should be planning.

That’s the hope of these little segments – to give you insight into little details that will make your wedding (and your photographs) go from good to fantastic.  And who doesn’t want that?


Today’s wedding tip is about the getting ready portion of your day!



I’ve seen it all before.  Basement, sun porch, closet, nursery, hotel room, conference room, lobby.  There are a myriad of options when it comes to where to get ready.  How do you know what is a good choice and what is a bad one?




Yes, you heard that right.  To most natural light photographers windows are the #1 important thing to have in your getting ready location.  It offers soft lighting that looks natural and compliments you.  You just can’t get that same look from overhead lighting or even using a flash.  So if you are wanting beautifully lit and colored photos then find a room with great windows to get ready in and you will not be sorry.  We can make just about anything look great if you’ve got great light.


2nd – SPACE


Make sure wherever you are getting ready is going to have enough space for you, your bridesmaids, your mother, your photographer, and you videographer (if you’ve got one).  It can be stifling trying to fit 7-10 people in a small room all trying to get dressed, do hair and makeup and also hang out and have a good time.  Add on top of that two extra bodies with equipment and bags trying to capture that good time – things can get tight and claustrophobic really quick!


3rd – COLORS


If you have some options to where you will be getting ready, try to find a room with neutral colors.  Neutral being white, cream, beige, tan, grey.  Those colors photograph really well and keep colors from casting back up onto faces or your beautiful white wedding dress.  And trust me, if you’re getting ready in a  nursery that has bright green and blue walls with life size monkey and zebra cut outs…  that’s all you’re going to see in your photos.




And don’t forget about these tips when planning where your guy will be getting ready!  They matter too.  😉



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