If you’ve looked at my blog at all in the past year you’ll see that I really dropped the ball on posting all of your amazing sessions and weddings.  To be completely transparent, life and business got the better of me and I became overwhelmed, so I did not make the time to post that I should have.  That being said, my goal for this upcoming year is to take a more active role on the blog to showcase my wonderful clients that I love so much and to to give you a peak into my life so you can get to know the face behind the camera just a little bit more.

As we head into busy season and I start to tackle being a business owner and a mother to three little babes (or three little roosters as I like to refer to them), I am going to be changing the way Oh Snap! operates.  Here are a few changes that you can expect to see for the new year:


We will no longer be offering newborn sessions.  I have loved the families that I’ve had the pleasure of serving and photographing their beautiful little babes, but newborn photography is not where my heart and passion lies.  I feel the tide of my business being pulled elsewhere and I would like my clients to have the highest quality experience possible.   If you would like recommendations on phenomenal local newborn photographers just contact me and I can send you in the right direction.


We will only be accepting a limited number of portrait sessions & portrait sessions will ONLY be held on weekdays.  In life we all have to decide where our priorities are at and where our time should be spent.  My family is my biggest priority and I want to make sure that my children and my husband are getting the time that they deserve.  My clients are my second priority and I also would like to make sure that they are getting the utmost attention and care put into their sessions and their photographs.  In order to accomplish both of these things I need to limit the amount of work that I am taking in.


Our pricing structure has changed.  You can view our pricing on the top tab that reads ‘Investment’ to see more about what our portrait session entail and what the costs associated with each are.  We now have a session fee which books your session date and covers the time it takes to photograph and edit your session.  Clients will then have a session reveal where they get to view a slideshow of their gallery and then choose which prints, products, and digitals they would like.  What is the reasoning behind doing this?  My reasoning is simple.  I believe that the artwork that showcases the beauty of your family should be showcased on the walls of your home.  Photos are great to have in files on your computer, but what is the point if they never come out and live where you can see them?


Thank you to all my wonderful clients that have helped Oh Snap! get to where we are today.  The business would not be the same without you.  <3


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