My sweet little spitfire of a daughter turned one a few weeks ago.  She came into the world with much anticipation (probably too much), that had my husband and I walking the halls of the hospital for three hours trying to kick start labor.  Which then lead to a hard and fast two and half hour labor that left me with a beautiful 6 pound baby but also passed out from blood loss.

I think the way she came into the world was a tell of what her personality would come to be.  She’s hard and fast, always going a hundred miles a minute.  Unaware of things around her, just going at her own stellar speed pace which sometimes leaves her bruised and hurt from trying to jump too far ahead of her capabilities.

We started off the day at one of the girls’ favorite eats.  McDonald’s.  Don’t judge, we like to keep it simple.  They’re happy with a McChicken and Fries and I’m ok with that.

I also found out that the McDonald’s near our town has a rocking play place!

We then headed to the pool with our good friends and their twins.  They had a good old time in the baby pool including a few headers into the water.  (We’ve since bought floaties, puddle jumpers, and life jackets).

Addie also had a grand old time flirting with the boys on the other side of the fence.  She’s going to be trouble…  I just know it.

We met up with Daddy at the mall after he got off work.  We have a tradition now of getting the girls’ ears pierced on their first birthdays.  They were both troopers through it all.  🙂

Our final stop was to Happy Joe’s for a little birthday dinner and of course, cake!

 Happy Birthday to my sweet hearted little girl.  May you always find joy in the small things in life.  Never let anyone hold you back; there is no pace in life except the one you set for yourself.  Fierce baby, fierce.  

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