I love these kids so much.   They came to me two and a half years ago for their annual family photos, and they’ve stuck with me ever since.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I LOVE it when families continue to let me capture their families.  Getting to watch your family grow is an absolute pleasure and you just can’t beat it when the kiddos give you hugs goodbye because they actually know who you are.  🙂


Sofia and Carl have birthdays that are only two months apart.  So the last couple of years we’ve done a birthday session to celebrate.  They are so much fun, and they play along with my games.  😀  On top of all that, they love each other so much.  Oh the sweetness is too much to handle.  <3


I’m so excited to continue to watch these beautiful children grow, and to capture their parents wedding this September!


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