I’m so pleased to introduce you to another one of my 2016 couples: Allison + Phil!  These two are tying the knot in September, with a beautiful rustic wedding.  I met up with them and sweet Iggy at their family farm a few weeks ago for a fun; albeit cold engagement session.




Allison is my kinda gal, I mean who doesn’t bring their dog to their engagement session?!  😉  Iggy is a part of the family and so totally loved.


2016-05-16_0002 2016-05-16_0003


Allison and Phil are the cutest couple, and so full in love.  Their session was full of laughs and giggles and sweet embraces and kisses.  I can’t wait until September to capture their beautiful day.  <3


2016-05-16_0004 2016-05-16_0005 2016-05-16_0006 2016-05-16_0007 2016-05-16_0008

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