We are Sandra, Liana, & Kate!  We're a photography team based in Eastern Iowa.  We know that most photography companies you come across are a one-man-show, so you may wonder what exactly is a photography team?!  We're so glad that you asked!

We firmly believe that some things are better together. Peanut Butter & Jelly, Wine & Cheese, Ice Cream & Sprinkles...  and us!

We work together as a team to fulfill the needs of all of our clients to the best of our abilities!  Being friends as well as partners means that we can work in sync to give the best experience possible!  There are so many ways that we are alike but there are also many ways that we differ! 

Every person has their strengths. Things that are uniquely woven into your tapestry and gifts that you equipped with that suit you best. And in finding where our strengths lie, we can both uniquely serve our clients best!

Both Sandra & Liana photograph weddings, and when we don't have our own weddings we shoot with each other (which is always our favorite!).  Kate also assists as a second photographer for the team on wedding days.

Liana & Kate are our Fieldstone Family Team!  They both photograph all of our portrait sessions including families, newborns, milestones, and seniors!

We are happy to say that beyond being in business together we are also very close friends that love to do life together.  You can usually find us anywhere that there is iced coffee or Chick-Fil-A nuggets, with our baby girls in tow (girl moms say hollllaa!!), planning out our next big idea in life, business, or the creative world.


We are so glad that you are here!


heartfelt, once-in-a-lifetime photography you'll cherish

As a photographer, my style is three-fold – a portrait photographer, a documentary photographer and an editorial photographer. I aim to tell the story of your wedding – not just the moment you said “I do”. It’s about the couple, the place, the family, the ceremony location, the flowers, the dancing at the reception – these all tell the story of your wedding. 

I invest myself wholeheartedly into each and every wedding.  I want to tell the story of your day so you can re-live it over and over again.  Not just so you can have gorgeous portraits to hang on your wall but so you can have your love story to reflect on and pass down through the generations.

my experience


9 years of experience & a passion for what I do

I began photographing when I was in high school with a beat up lime green HP point-and-shoot.  I would edit with a free online program called Picnik and everything was color saturation and word overlays. There wasn't much artistry in what I was doing but it developed and love and a passion that I didn't even realize I had until a few years into college.

After that it was years of YouTube videos, online courses, manuals, blogs...  I dug and dug to find as much information as I could to educate myself.  I continue my education always because I believe that you never know enough to stop learning and there is always something in your craft that can be improved.

I began with photographing all of the things, and soon found my love for documenting love stories. This is why we have stripped our business down and specialize in only shooting engagements, weddings, & anniversaries.  My true joy and drive lies in capturing couples who are madly in love. 

Meet  Sandra

Hey Friend!

My name is Cassandra but my friends call me Sandra!   I was born and raised in the gold ol' corn husking state of Iowa, and plan to call this my home forever.  I use way too many exclamation points and say dude way too often. I am always down for a  good adventure and travel is most definitely high on my to-do list for the near future.  I am a mom + wedding photographer, studio owner, Jesus lover, coffee addict, mini-van enthusiast, & spontaneous dancer (if you see me at a wedding, you'll be seeing that!)  I talk with my hands ALWAYS, and get louder the more excited I am (which happens a lot!). I love dinner dates with friends, car jams with the music way too loud, anything sweet, being barefoot at all times, the color white, and the one week in the spring when all the trees are budding.  I am a wife to my husband; Cyle, and a mama to four beautiful (albeit devilish) little girls.


MY Family


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Meet Cyle

Cyle and I met through a mutual friend in college!  It was not your typical love story since we both met each other and told our friend that we would NEVER date each other.  Six months later we ate our words and started dating.

Life seemed to happen at warp speed with Cyle.  We dated for eight months, were engaged for nine months, purchased a home together 3 months before we got married, and then had four kids within our first five years of marriage.

While I wouldn't recommend jamming that much life into such a short amount of time, it seems to have worked for us and we've got an amazing life that we love that includes four of the craziest, most amazing little girls you've ever met.






Meet the four little girls that made me a mama!  Yes, they are REALLY close together, and yes, I DO have my hands full  :)  Our girls range in closeness from 13 months apart to 20 months apart.  Ellie & Addie are homeschooled by my mom (who is a saint!), and Evie and Izzie are still too young for school so they kick it with me all day!  Family is SUPER important to me.  My mom was a stay-at-home mom while I was a kid and it was always a dream of mine to stay home with my kids.  While I also have dreams and ambitions past being a mother I also believe that a work-life balance exists and you don't have to choose your kids or work, you can have both.  I absolutely love being a mom.  It is one of the most challenging yet most rewarding things I have ever done. 

Of course I love more than just photography!

Here's what my closest friends know.

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Favorite Coffee ORder

Favorite PLace to shOP

Favorite TV SHOW binge

Iced Carmel Macchiato


Whose Line Is It ANYWAYS

the color white

baseball hats

fresh flowers

White Chocolate






Energy Drink




Yearly Girl's trips!


Pool Days in the summer



MY Family


Meet  Liana

Hey Friend!

There is a reason why I take photographs… I am terrible at words! So here is my best shot at an intro, I am Liana - a Wedding & Family Portrait Photographer for Fieldstone. My husband, Drake, and I met by swiping right on a stupid app, yep a true Tinderella love story! When I am not documenting a wedding or chasing your family around a field; I am at the gym, spending the day in PJs with my mini me, grabbing tacos and margs with a friend, or dangerously browsing Target. I am a super straightforward human being and have a huge heart for the little people! Before I fell in love with photography I actually used to teach preschool. I love to laugh and enjoy random adventures. I can't wait to get to know you better! 

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Meet my family

In case you missed it... Drake and I met while I was finishing college in 
Indiana through the wonderful world of Tinder and were married 8 months later on May 30, 2015. He is my best friend and a total rock for our family. We love laughing together watching stand up comedy and hiking in the summer! 

We have two beautiful daughters (Emery & Isla). Emery is enjoying preschool and Isla is my little mini me. They are the reason I picked up my camera for the first time. I wanted to capture every phase that they would be in and my hobby turned into a full time job. 


Besides being a photographer, I am living out my dream job of being a stay at home mom! I love being creative and accomplishing business goals, but what brings me the most joy is spending the day in PJs and a messy bun with my little ladies! 





Of course I love more than just photography!

Here's what my closest friends know.

MY current


Favorite Coffee ORder

Favorite PLace to shOP

Favorite NETflix binge

Iced Carmel Anything or an energy drink from atomic


new girl

tacos & Tequilla


baby pandas


mini vans



anything else


the gym


hallmark movies


soft Blankets

the Beach

Tacos & Tequila